Welcome to the MarbleMan workshop in Western Australia.

Hi - I'm Antonio Corea. Let me show you some of our gear ...

marble tour perth antonio

We have a Farnese Bridge Saw.
This saw incorporates the latest technology. Its a computerised automated saw with twin tables.

Marble and Garnite Cutter

We have good indoor and outdoor layout space. 
The main workshop is 800m2, on a 2500m2 operating floor. This factory is designed and built for large scale, repetitive commercial production.

Benchtop Working Layout Picture

This is our automated polisher.
The polisher is computer controlled and capable of polishing dozens of profiles automatically.

marble stone polisher

Then there is our storage yard. 
We have all sorts of marble from all parts of the world. We even have marble mined from the same italian quarry as the one Michelangelo used.

Antonio Corea in Marble Stockyard